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Long Roads Coffeehouse
The Crooked Lion
Kintargo Opera House
Tooth and Nail Tavern
The Lucky Bones



Silver Ravens
River Talons
House Thrune
Kintargo Dottari
Chelish Citizens’ Group
Church of Asmodeus

Noble Houses of Kintargo

House Aulamaxa
House Aulorian
House Delronge
House Jarvis
House Jhaltero
House Sarini
House Tanessen
House Vashnarstill
House Victocora


A Missive from Lord Mondragon 1
A Missive from Lord Mondragon 2
In Defense of Delronge, by Fleming Sinclair
Of The Houses Ignoble, and The Lapdogs Who Bark At Lions, by Lord Aldo Mondragon
To My Critics, by Lord Aldo Mondragon
Mondragon’s Last Missive
Corthos’ Missive
On the Topic of Corthos Tanessen, by Lady Guinevere Thrune
La’reth Myth


A Letter to the Madame
To the Thieves’ Guilds
Jhaltero Letter
Letter to Baroness Jarvis
A Simple Notice
Lena’s Intel
A Letter from Tamran
A Letter Unsent
A Letter from Nirmathas
Merry’s Response
A Letter to Merry
Another Letter from Nirmathas
A Letter to Maxwell
A Letter of Desperation
A Letter to Lady Thrune
A Letter to the Lacunafex

Legal Matters

The Case of Florentia Oberon
The Case of Abelia Rudiger


Corthos and Merry Scene
Corthos and Gwen Scene
Corthos, Rexus, and Sonarra Scene
Sonarra Vodun Scene
Corthos and Gwen Scene 2
Corthos and Merry Prelude
Corthos and Lena Scene
Charmaine and Melodia Scene
Corthos and Lena Scene 2
Melodia and Charmaine’s Response
Corthos et al Scene
Corthos and Merry Scene 2
Isabelle’s Part
Rexus and Isabelle Scene
A Night Out
Corthos Scene
Lena and Gwen Scene
Maxwell Meets Merry
Charmaine and Merry Scene
Corthos and Lena Scene 3
Charmaine’s Plot
Isabelle and Corthos Scene
Maxwell Checks In on Merrigold
A Letter From the Past
Of Masks and Men
A New Type of Fight
Melodia Scene
Alasdair Enters Politics
Charmaine Confrontation
Alasdair and Corthos Scene
Corthos’ Dreams
Thrune Family Dinner
A Dream of the Woad
Command and Pressure
A Toast to Discretion
A Chance Encounter
A Night Reunion
Hill Giants and Heartaches
An Engagement
A Friend and Brother
Devoted Sisters
Deceit and Disbelief
Absolution and Apology
Of Freedoms and Roles
The Point of No Return
Of Secrecy and Sanctity
Shame and Silence
Class Meets Youth

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