Squatting at the edge of the sea, looming over a harbor too shallow for larger ships, the City of Masks exists primarily to entertain. Here truly nothing is regarded as sin, and for the right price, anything is possible and even excusable. Yet Vyre is no anarchy—even this depraved city has laws that are enforced by a wide range of well- paid and specialized peacekeepers.

Vyre entertains, and does so outrageously. Its gambling halls, drug dens, brothels, and bloodsport arenas are an aperitif to even darker games and entertainments. Private excruciations, blasphemous orgies, and obscene, gluttonous feasts take place nightly behind closed doors, and one never has to dig too deeply to secure invitations. However, those who immerse themselves in Vyre’s underground amusements do so at their own risk, for once one attends such engagements, the penalties for exposing the identities of other guests or spreading the word beyond Vyre Island are grim indeed.

Vyre’s laws are simple, yet prominent, and represented throughout the city in stone carvings below statues of ancient heroes and villains. All visitors to Vyre are expected to uphold these five promises, as are her citizens—those who break these regulations and cannot offer defense invariably end up in Dunrock Prison.

  • I Shall Honor All Coin: Transactions are always binding and refunds are not guaranteed. Do not burgle or steal. Price itself is always negotiable.
  • I Shall Speak Many Names: Names spoken in Vyre are to be accepted as truth. Do not publicly spread visitors’ true identities if they want them hidden.
  • I May Wound Yet Shall Not Kill: Let your enemies live, that they might have a chance at revenge. If you cannot abide such threats, make no enemies at all.
  • I Know None Are Below Me: Even the lowliest beggar may well be a high priest of Norgorber. In Vyre, all forms of prejudice are frowned upon, and the racist, the misogynist, the classist, and the like must tread with care.
  • I Shall Let Closed Doors Remain Closed: Breakings of these promises that occur in private are considered to have never been broken at all, lacking a burden of proof, but revealing closed-door secrets without sufficient evidence is answered with imprisonment.


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