Rexus and Isabelle Scene


Isabelle looked up from her seat in the coffeehouse, where she was idly setting fire to torn-up bits of Lord Mondragon’s latest pamphlet and dropping them in an empty mug. Rexus Victocora stood on the other side of the table looking entirely unamused – but then again, had she ever really seen him smile? He always looked way too serious.

Isabelle smirked at him. “Finally get tired of books and decide to come have some fun?”

Rexus rolled his eyes. “This isn’t the time for jokes, Isabelle. I need to speak to you in private.”

Isabelle had a feeling she knew what this was about, but she extinguished the last smoldering bit of paper and followed Rexus into the back room of the Long Roads, perching herself on a crate of coffee beans. The man ran a hand through his dark hair. “What the hell does Corthos have you doing? And don’t try to tell me you don’t know or had nothing to do with it, your friend Magog is fairly recognizable.”

Isabelle shrugged. “The bad guys fire at us, we fire back. Isn’t that what the Silver Ravens do?”

“We didn’t fire back. This isn’t a part of any strategy – I’m the strategist, I would know. This is…a vendetta.” Rexus sighed. “As deplorable as Melodia Delronge is, she’s not our main enemy. I don’t know why she’s even involved in this.” He paused for a beat. "That’s a lie, I know why, but it’s entirely inappropriate – "

“He’s as much our leader as you are, Rexus. Give him credit where it’s due – he’s taken the fight straight to the Thrunies, and he’s gotten regular people riled up against them.”

Rexus was pacing the length of the tiny room now. “By appropriating our resources, which are already stretched thin. I can only imagine how his missions have been pulling your and Lena’s groups away from what you’ve been assigned to do. Not to mention making himself a direct target.”

Isabelle rose and put a hand on the man’s arm, causing him to start a little. “None of us would be here if we weren’t ready to put ourselves in danger. That’s what being a rebel is all about, right? Listen, I know he’s being kind of stupid and petty about it, but Jackdaw didn’t spend the whole civil war hiding in a basement either.”

Rexus sighed. “I know, but…we should wait, at least. For the right moment to strike.”

Isabelle looked straight into his eyes. “The ‘right moment’ might not ever come, Rexus. If we keep waiting around, Thrune is gonna destroy this city before we have a chance to stop him.” She didn’t usually get that serious with anyone, but if there was ever something to be serious about, it was this.

Rexus looked away and took a deep breath, closing his eyes. “I… You’re right, Isabelle. I know you’re right. I still don’t approve of what Corthos is doing, but I’ll try to reason with him. See if we can come to some compromise.”

Isabelle grinned before giving Rexus a light punch on the arm. He winced. “You guys are friends, I know you’ll work it out. And if you ever need something to shock him back out of crazy, I’ve got a lightning spell with his name on it.”

Rexus and Isabelle Scene

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