On the Topic of Corthos Tanessen

On The Topic Of Corthos Tanessen

~Guinevere Thrune

In recent days, the noted anti-nobility voice of Lord Aldo Mondragon has revealed himself to the public. And in doing so, he has revealed himself as my older brother, Corthos Tanessen. It is with a very heavy heart that I watch him do this and distance himself from the House that raised him. My father and mother worked so hard to raise him properly, particularly after the death of our sister Eliza, but his accusations that she died for the city of Kintargo are sadly untrue. My sisters death was a tragic accident, that is true – a tragic accident suffered in the play that he now admits to having written, performed in shoddy theaters that did not properly protect themselves.

As for the accusation that I was given as a ‘gift’ to the Thrune, it is clear from the way that he phrases this that he does not respect my intellect or my will. I love my husband Alasdair, and while our families may have nudged us towards each other, our love is a natural one. He has brought me much happiness, and I will not allow myself to be seen as a pawn or a damsel in distress. I have not spoken to my brother more than twice in the last few years, and he has been a man having issues. He drinks far too much, and he took up frequenting local brothels. He is not the brother I once knew and respected – a man I saw as noble and dignified, a gifted speaker and an eloquent intellectual. In the last years, he has become a lout and a joke, and if I may be frank, an embarrassment to the family name.

It was only out of familial loyalty that I continued to associate with him, in the hopes that we could help to save this obviously damaged man. And yet, it is clear that we cannot. While I do not want to do this, Corthos has chosen to remove himself from my family – and as such, I must do the same.

Corthos Tanessen, nee Mondragon, is not my brother. I claim no family with him. He is not welcome in my home, and he is not worthy of my acknoledgement. He is nothing to me – a noted criminal drunkard with a fondness for whorehouses and a misguided belief that his problems are the creations of anyone but himself. I apologize to Melodia Delronge, Barzellei Thrune, Alasdair Thrune, and the entirety of Kintargo for the problems that he has created, and I assure you that he speaks only for himself.

I only wish that he could understand that there was no ill will, no grand scheme against him, but he is clearly ill.

Believe that I am capable of my own decisions, and this is written only by myself, under no duress.

In this time, I do ask for some peace while I mourn the loss of a family member that I thought I knew and trusted.

You will hear no more from me on this matter.

~Guinevere Thrune, nee Tanessen

On the Topic of Corthos Tanessen

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