Mondragon's Last Missive

To the city of Kintargo, and all people within -

In recent days, the Braying Ass has seen fit to track my writings and demand that they are returned. I cannot abide by this. The time has come to put a few things to rest, before my enemies can put them to rest for me. I write this not to absolve myself of anything, but only to put the truth out there.

Aldo Mondragon is nothing more than a pen name, a persona made real only by the belief that people have put into it. However, recent writings have made the continuation of Aldo Mondragon dangerous – not simply for myself, but for the people who know me.

I am no longer Aldo Mondragon. I cannot be. There has only been one writer to use the name – and that is myself, Corthos Tanessen.

However, I cannot proudly proclaim myself a Tanessen either. I do not stand for the ideals that they stand for, nor do I worship their gods or feel the need to appease to Chelian rule. I stand apart from them as well, and renounce my Tanessen name and legacy.

I renounce the House Tanessen, and I act of my own accord. I speak only for myself, and I take the name of House Mondragon – may my pen only stop when I have died.

I will fight for Kintargo. Even if I must fight alone and out of all houses.

Corthos Mondragon

Mondragon's Last Missive

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