Lena's Intel

C -

Here’s what I was able to find out about M’s current whereabouts:

Going by the name Maisie Menard – I’m not sure why? It could be that Charmaine is trying to hide her from you or it could be some other reason. I don’t think I have enough information to deduce it right now
Living in Villegre, in the western part closest to the Greens
Working for Anton Clothiers, owned by Isadora Anton – makes fancy ballgowns. Isadora moved to Kintargo from Egorian about ten years ago and her clothes are popular with noblewomen who want to curry favor with Thrune
I can’t find a link between Isadora and Melodia/Charmaine but I’m sure there has to be one. It hasn’t even been a week since she left the Lion and she’s already got a fancy job sewing silk dresses, that has Charmaine written all over it

Overall it seems like she’s doing okay? Lady Docur’s is also in Villegre so I’ll try and scout it out more when I get the chance.

- L

L -

That is good to know. I want to say more, but I will respect her wishes. Let her live her life.
She has it for her own now, and that’s what matters.
Let it be. It’s enough to know that she has found something.


Lena's Intel

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