Corthos' Missive

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I can hear it all now.

I know there are a million questions raised by what I have done, and I will endeavor to answer what I can. The reasoning behind my decision to become Lord Mondragon – both in my initial writings, and now, in my personal life – was a simple one. When the Cheliax rule came to town, I found myself disagreeing with a great many of the ideals that they brought with them. When they first came and spoke out against the city, I stayed silent. When House Delronge showed their true colors by purchasing and selling people, I began to mumble. When my sister was handed to a Thrune almost as a gift, I found my voice. And I came to a realization – if the noble houses of Kintargo are too weak to stand up, then someone would need to.

If I stayed in the House and played the game – even if I never publicly endorsed the Thrune – I became complicit. By refusing to stand up and put a stop to it, I would be part of the groups aiding and abetting it. I expressed my frustrations to House Tanessen, and I was voted into silence. But if I simply sat there and did not act, I was guilty as an accomplice without raising a finger. So I began to write.

When I first started, I wrote out of frustration of a personal nature. But as time went on, I found more frustrations. I found shady business dealings and nobility hiding each other sins, and a populace scared into silence. And I realized something that I should have seen earlier – if you are attempting to stop a fire, you cannot do it while standing inside the house it engulfs. I cannot be complicit in anything that house Thrune has done. I cannot sit silently while the city that I have loved, the city the my sister died for, the city that I grew up in – while it is all lost to a regime that burns down the homes of their enemies.

I know that I have made myself a wanted man. I accept that.

But if I am killed, let me be killed taking a stand for what I believe. I refuse to stand on the sidelines of history, another mute bystander who simply watched as the world burned around them, attempting to traipse through the flames. I will let the flames consume Corthos Tanessen, and I will be reborn as Corthos Mondragon – a man of the people, a voice of the voiceless.

I apologize for nothing.

Corthos Mondragon

Corthos' Missive

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