A Simple Notice

Posted by the docks.

To any interested party, seeking to find favor with my enemies, and willing to wager.

I, Lord Mondragon, proclaim an open challenge to duel any noble member of the houses, under the following condition.

1. The wager is as such – Should I lose, and remain living, I will print a retraction and apology to House Delronge.
2. Should I win, a negotiable monetary purse – several thousand gold pieces at the least – will be given as my spoils.
3. We shall follow the gentleman’s agreements with regards to dueling, with our designated seconds acting as negotiators.

If any of these houses has the desire to carry their own blade, instead of paying a sellsword to do so – you will be able to reach me.


Lord Mondragon -

I am Fabian Vasari of House Vasari, and I accept your challenge. I know House Delronge to be entirely honorable in its dealings, and I cannot allow your calumnies to go unquestioned. If you truly mean what you have said, my second, Hendrick Rodier, is ready to meet with your representative at any time.

- Fabian Vasari

(A note accompanies the letter.)

I saw Vasari hand this to Marcel from the Talons and took the liberty of doing a little research. House Vasari and House Rodier are both minor houses from the Greens. Fabian’s the second son of Lord Vasari, and he’s barely older than I am. He’s a student at the Alabaster Academy, where he shares a number of classes with Corinna Delronge, so take that as you will. Hendrick Rodier is a friend of Vasari’s since childhood. He’s not clever enough to be in the Chelish Citizens’ Group, but he really likes their tactics.

Let me know if you need me to find out more-

A small envelope is handed to Lena that evening by Aldo.

“Find whatever you can. I wish to know what I face. I will be practicing, let me know anything and everything you can about him and his second, and any close (confirmed) ties to the Delronge and Thrune houses. It is highly likely that the Aldo experiment will have run its course by the time this ends.”

Here’s what we were able to find out. Let me know if you need anything else. (Also, what do you mean by “the Aldo experiment”??)

Fabian Vasari –
Second son of House Vasari – Lord Josef Vasari; his wife Lady Aldonza; children Constantin, Fabian, and Eugenie
House Vasari has historically been extremely pro-Thrune and Chelish nationalist, no real ties to House Thrune but they really admire them
House Vasari has some social ties to House Delronge, though they’re mostly below Melodia’s notice; Josef and Aldonza are supposedly trying to set up a marriage between Fabian and Corinna
Fabian is a bit of a hothead; this is the third duel he’s tried to set up this year (but the first one he’s actually going through with, the first fell apart during the seconds’ negotiations and the second was halted by the other boy’s parents)
Fights with a rapier, fairly agile but leans a little too heavily on offense, tends to resort to dirty tactics if he thinks he’s going to lose

Hendrick Rodier –
Fourth-born of House Rodier – Lord Steffen Rodier; his wife Lady Maurelle; sons Quinton, Ryman, Radcliffe, Hendrick, Marwood, and Penley
House Rodier was only raised to nobility a couple of generations back; very pro-Thrune but are far below their notice
No real ties to House Delronge other than though their close friends House Vasari; Hendrick and Fabian have been friends since they were born
Extremely stupid. There’s really nothing more to add on this, the boy is just dumb
Fights with a longsword, not very tactical but hits hard


A Simple Notice

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