A Letter to the Lacunafex

To the Lacunafex -

I find myself in need of a favor. As you certainly are aware, I am involved in a pitched political battle for the last open House in Kintargo. I fear that one of my opponents – Melodia Delronge – has more than ample reason to attempt to discredit and ruin my efforts. I turn to you and your vast knowledge networks to find out information for me.

I need any information that you can gather me on Melodia Delronge – any wrongdoing, conflict of interest, or hidden scandals. I already know of her ‘debtors contracts’ that equate to little more than slavery, but I fear that will not be enough. I do not need anything that would ruin or discredit anyone but Melodia, and I do not intend to use the information unless needed, nor will I release my sources.

I only ask because the potential freedoms of Kintargo are at stake, should the court fall to the Thrune and allow them more power. A day approaches where they will be challenged in the streets, but I need to be able to fight the same fight within the hallowed halls of the Court. I await your reply and any assistance.

-C. Mondragon

Lord Mondragon,

The Lacunafex would of course be happy to help in any way we can. We understand how these things work in the nobility – you must be ready to strike Lady Delronge before she strikes you. Enclosed is a list of a few secrets that one might be able to use against her, were they so inclined.

First of all, our research supports the current rumor that House Delronge is not quite as financially solvent as they would like others to believe. In the past two years, Gryphon Shipping has been steadily losing money, with only four months in the past 24 where it turned a profit. Hammer and Chisel Stoneworks has not suffered quite so drastic a loss, but it is certainly not making the kind of money that would support a lifestyle like the Delronges’ (expensive clothing, equestrian equipment, opera tickets, tuition for Corinna and Cosima’s education, etc.).

Additionally, we have documentation that Melodia was in fact married once before her wedding to Valentin Albinus. On her seventeenth birthday, she eloped to Vyre with Cirio Vitura, a Nidalese opera singer ten years her senior. Her parents retrieved her in great secrecy three weeks later, having the marriage annulled and burying the whole affair as deep as they possibly could. They were unable, however, to have the matter completely expunged from the city records, so the documents verifying the marriage and annulment are still located in Castle Kintargo. We have done you the courtesy of acquiring copies of these documents, and they are enclosed with this report.

Finally, though we have no actual evidence of this, there have been pervasive whisperings for years that Melodia is not, in fact, the legitimate daughter of Narcissa and Marcellus Delronge. As rumor has it, she is actually the product of an affair between her mother and Tertius Aulorian (the late uncle of Count Auxis Aulorian, and a lifelong bachelor known for being a rake and libertine). Whether or not these rumors are true no one knows, but Melodia reportedly becomes quite combative and defensive whenever anyone questions her parentage.

Please let us know if there is any other information you would like us to find out – we are entirely at your disposal.


A Letter to the Lacunafex

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