A Letter from Tamran

Dear Lord Mondragon,

My name is Brea Norwell, and I was forwarded your inquiry by our mutual acquaintances at the Vyre Thieves’ Guild. I have been looking into the case of Primrose Brownlock for you, and I have found some information that I hope you may find useful. Miss Brownlock and her companions were last seen in Tamran five months ago, staying at the Pathfinder Lodge here in the city before departing again. I have taken the liberty of sending your letter on to them, and enclosed is their response.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. I remain at your disposal.

Yours sincerely,
Brea Norwell
Thieves’ Guild of Tamran


Thank you for your letter! I am familiar with Primrose Brownlock – she’s a very skilled operative, though she hasn’t been a member of our society very long. Primrose and several companions, led by Venture-Captain Dyana Allvar, headed into the Southern Fangwood several months ago to investigate an abandoned keep that we believe to be of interest. They’ve been sending regular reports back as they’ve been excavating.

I’ll send this Lord Mondragon’s request with the next messenger, and I’m sure Primrose will be thrilled to hear from her sister. Let me know if you need anything else.

-Marit Winimar
Pathfinder Lodge, Tamran

Miss Norwell –
I greatly appreciate your assistance. Please use your pathways to send the following information to Primrose for me.

Miss Brownlock – Your sister has no debts. She is in the employ of Anton Clothiers in Kintargo. Please contact if more information is needed.
C. Mondragon

A Letter from Tamran

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