An opera singer.


Orphaned at an early age and raised by a cleric of Sarenrae, Shensen has always been devoted to that goddess, though she proved too exuberant and impulsive to enter the priesthood herself. Instead, she spent her young adulthood adventuring with an eclectic group of companions, including a tengu named Chuko who fancied himself a pirate yet carried a deep-seated and ironic hatred of thieves, and often went up against House Thrune. After a misadventure ended in a tragic fire in an Egorian market, the group disbanded and Shensen and Chuko fled to the northwest, both finding a new home in Kintargo. They remain friends today, but no longer adventure together as Chuko has lost his interest in civil disobedience. Shensen, on the other hand, has long seethed at the stubbornness and cruelty inherent in Cheliax’s government, and has vowed to take the whole beast apart, one sin at a time. She has become a specialist in infiltrating and redeeming Chelish organizations.

Until the Night of Ashes, Shensen enjoyed a life filled with comforts and admirers as a well-adored performer in the Kintargo Opera House (thanks largely to her daring roles involving skilled swordplay or particularly risque acts) and the organizer for Kintargo’s small underground Sarenite faith. She gathered blackmail material on dozens of Kintargo’s nobles, usually by seducing the sons and daughters of the city’s elite or traveling aristocrats and then using the besotted nobles to learn scandalous family secrets.

Shensen maintains a strong presence among Cheliax’s black marketeers, both to aid her fellow insurgents and to finance her own expensive habits (such as her fondness for exotic drinks). Yet her greatest passion remains her devotion to the reformation of Cheliax. Although friendly, artistic, and quick-witted, Shensen is prone to impulsive choices and emotional outbursts. Her faith is strong, but her true devotions are to her friends, her art, her vices, and her political cause—things that often put her at odds with the tenets of her faith.


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