Jilia Bainilus

The former lord-mayor of Kintargo.


For many years, Jilia Bainilus has done her best to straddle two roles: a loyal Chelaxian in service to a nation she loves, and the leader of a city that shares her frustration at the government currently in control of that nation. The people of Kintargo generally supported her rule, even if they sometimes grew frustrated with her stance on House Thrune and tendency to buckle under during the rare times the government became more directly involved in the city’s affairs. These incidents repeatedly broke Jilia’s heart—she knew the Thrunes could simply have her replaced at any time, and she also knew any replacement would likely not have the city’s best interests at heart. And so she did her best to appease House Thrune while simultaneously working to shelter her citizens from the awful truth.

Of course, after Barzillai Thrune seized control of the city, Kintargo’s citizens finally realized just how good things had been under Jilia’s leadership. Many of them still bought the official government line that she abandoned Kintargo for distant Arcadia. Some, such as Lictor Octavio Sabinus, believed otherwise, and as the Silver Ravens’ influence grew, rumors that Jilia remained alive but imprisoned somewhere in Kintargo grew as well.

The truth is, as with so many things concerning Barzillai Thrune, far more awful. Jilia was the first true victim of Barzillai’s plot. She never fled the city—she was abducted by Aluceda Zhol, the high priest of Zon-Kuthon, and transformed into a vampiric thrall. Entirely bound in servitude to Zhol, Jilia spent the months since the Night of Ashes in the cold dampness of a brand-new subbasement carved into the foundations of the Kintargo Opera House. Barzillai paid her visits with increasing frequency, mostly to torment her with mocking (and false) reports of how the city adored his rule, and how much more prosperous Kintargo had become under his rule. Jilia ached for the true bliss and oblivion of death, but had no free will of her own. She had to follow Aluceda’s commands, and through those, the will of Barzillai Thrune himself.

When the Silver Ravens encountered Jilia beneath the opera house, they were able to destroy her vampiric form and restore her to life via raise dead. Jilia is grateful and seethes with a need to avenge herself on Thrune, Aluceda, and all of Kintargo’s oppressors. She has joined the Silver Ravens as an ally, though she prefers to remain mostly in hiding for now. Jilia Bainilus cannot go back to being what she calls a “slave of the child queen.”

Jilia Bainilus

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