Eldonna Aulamaxa

Archbaroness of Cypress Point.


Eldonna Aulamaxa is the head of House Aulamaxa, a noble house known for its interest in hunting, opera, and public opinion. Eldonna has been a constant of Kintargan society for many years, and in her youth she was considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the city. She remains sharp and witty even now, and woe to those who underestimate her for her age.

The small town of Cypress Point is located to the northeast of Kintargo, a relatively run-down and depopulated settlement whose primary claim to fame—fishing—has been on the decline of late. The Aulamaxas have never been particularly proud of Cypress Point, and Eldonna is no exception—in fact, she’s never visited the town, and sees no need. Petitions to shift the Aulamaxa barony from Cypress Point to Kintargo have never been approved by the throne, yet the family persists.

Tragically, Eldonna was one of the many victims of the Ruby Masquerade. Leadership of House Aulamaxa, as well as their seat on the Court of Coin, has fallen to her son Raoul.

Eldonna Aulamaxa

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