To the Thieves' Guilds

A notice – sent to the Thieves Guilds of Kintargo, Vyre, and Nisroch.

My name is Lord Aldo Mondragon, and I find myself in a situation of great importance. I humbly request information on the following person, for the purpose of reconnecting them with their family. And information found will be met with a reward (post-verification) of up to One Hundred gold coins.

I seek one Primrose Brownlock, daughter of Chelish Naval Lieutenant Benjamin Brownlock, previously of Kintargo. She has – to my knowledge – one sibling, initials M.B., who is currently in Kintargo. I am a dear friend of her sibling and am attempting to open communication with her family. Due to situations beyond the control of M., this communication has been cut off. If I can get an address , a name, a location, anything….I am willing to reward certifiable information. Contact me post-haste if you have any information. Messages can be delivered for me to the River Talons in Kintargo so that we may all remain discreet.

Thank you.

M’lord Mondragon,

Seeing as we’re the closest thing Kintargo currently has to an official thieves’ guild since the Night of Ashes (not like some of these gangs with no honor), your Talon boy brought your letter to me. Rose and Merry Brownlock grew up in this part of the city, I knew them when they were just kids. I’m guessing Merry’s the sibling you mean? Good girls, a shame about what happened to their parents.

Rose hasn’t been back to Kintargo in three or four years – rumor is she joined some fancy adventuring company after Merry started working at the Lion. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for you and see if we can find out anything else.

By the way, we all enjoyed your last pamphlet. Keep fighting the good fight – someone’s got to.

Your friend,
Neric Finton
Redroof Echoes

Lord Mondragon,

Thanks for yr letter. Have learned Primrose Brownlock was last seen in Nisrock a year ago passing thru w/ a group of scholars & warriors. Intended destination: Magnimar, Varisia. Group kept to itself & did not share reason for voyage.

Await any further instructions w/ eagerness.

Yr obdt servt,
Tavin Vitalis
Nisroch Thieves’ Guild

My lord Mondragon,

The Vyre Thieves’ Guild is honored to make the acquaintance of such an esteemed personage – your writings have spread even as far as our humble city, and we must say we are fans. We would be happy to help in any future inquiries you might have about goings-on in the City of Masks.

As for your current inquiry, we have asked around and learned that Primrose Brownlock, formerly of Kintargo, was last seen in Vyre nearly six months ago, traveling with a group bound for Nirmathas. Investigating deeper, it seems that at least three of the six people she was traveling with are confirmed members of the Pathfinder Society. Circumstantial evidence is not proof, but an association with the Pathfinder Society might explain why Miss Brownlock has been somewhat difficult to get hold of.

We would be happy to connect you with our friends at the Thieves’ Guild in Tamran, Nirmathas to see if they might have any further information. We await only your word.

Ever your friends,
Vyre Thieves’ Guild
The Vise, Vyre

Master Finton -
All I can ask is that you keep an ear low to the ground. We do have a mutual friend in Merry, and I intend to find her family as a vestige of that friendship. As far as the pamphlets, trust me, the next one is certain to ruffle several feathers. Please inform me if you hear more. Attached is one gold piece for your efforts.

Master Vitalis –
Thank you for information. Please let me know if seen again. High importance. One gold attached for your service.

Vise and esteemed colleagues,
The pleasure of your acquaintance is all mine. Please reach out to Nimarthas on my behalf. I understand that the Pathfinder society has a tendency to be difficult to reach. I have included both a sum of five gold, and a copy of my newest writings in this letter. Should you hear anything, please respond.
-Lord Mondragon

Will do. In times like these, all we can do is help each other out. We’ll keep an ear out for Rose and an eye out for your next work.

Lord M,

Noted. Will alert you to any change. Payment was appreciated.

Yr obdt servt,
Tavin Vitalis

Lord Mondragon,

As per your request, we have forwarded your letter to our friend Brea Norwell at the Thieves’ Guild of Tamran. As Nirmathas is some distance from our humble city, it may be some time before you receive a reply, but we can vouch for Brea’s diligence and assure you that she will respond to your request as quickly as she is able.

We thank you for sending us your latest work, and we hope that all is going well in Kintargo! We’ve heard that there is has been a bit of unrest there, so we hope that things will settle down for you before too long.

Ever your friends,
Vyre Thieves Guild

To the Thieves' Guilds

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