Of The Houses Ignoble

“Farrowfell.” Aldo stormed through the coffeehouse, his cloak dusty. He gripped a note in his hand, and his face contained an anger that laid just under the surface of his impassive glare. Lean stood and followed him at a brisk walk, sipping at her tea. “Yes, Aldo?” She followed past a doorway and into a side room, where he removed the cloak. She noted that he was almost shaking with energy as he jabbed the letter into her hands. She read it, smirking slightly, as he spoke. “I want any information you can get on Fleming Sinclair. He writes too eloquently to be just a citizen. I want anything you can dig up. Somebody needs to show this twit who he is entering into an argument with. She paused, glancing up at him. “So….you intend to respond? And you want me to be your….I guess, your advisor?” Corthos nodded slowly. Lena grinned. “This is going to be great! Give me a few hours. I’ll be back. I’ll tell Liara you need some inkpots and strong tea. Corthos…..tear this guy apart.” She laughed, stepping out the door as Corthos sat at his table, barely nodding when the tea was brought. He put his pen into the inkwell with a growl. The gloves had come off when they mentioned Sonarra – it was time to show them what they were up against.

Of The Houses Ignoble, and The Lapdogs Who Bark At Lions
Aldo Mondragon

A response to Fleming Sinclair, and any who handle his leash – your lapdog is out on the street. Perhaps it would be best to have him taken back inside? He runs off at the mouth and seems a bit ill of mind.

Let us take your argument piece by piece and discuss it where we can. Impugning the ‘character’ of noble Kintargo has not started simply in recent days – you clearly have never seen my work. This is more than a passing dalliance. You claim no allegiancy, which brings me to my first point – IF you are not a part of the Delronge family, then that means that they DID NOT SEE FIT to refute my charges themselves. I ask you, as such a fan of noble Kintargo, what does that equate to? A refusal to speak out in their own defense indicates complicit guilt. But instead, your nobility sends another to fight their battles for them – as they so often have before. Are not the front lines filled with conscripts, sent by the nobles to fight and die in their place so as to hide from the horrors of war? You are, at best, a conscript sent in defense of a House that REFUSED to mount its own defense.

Why is Delronge too busy to defend it’s own honor, that they must rely on the ramblings of another? Because as of late, they have been spending time currying favor with the Thrune. They do not care about the people of Kintargo. They simply are happy that their masters have taken the city. You speak of patriotism – let us discuss that next. Patriotism is what drives Kintargo to be a crowning jewel, but patriotism is a messy and violent process. You cannot simply assume that my failure to agree with you is treason. The very conceit of patriotism is built around pride and a willingness to fight and die for what you believe in. Having a differing opinion is not treason – it IS patriotism. It is a faith in the belief that one has. House Delronge does not have patriotism for Kintargo – they would not have engaged in so many illicit trade practices as patriots to the city. Instead, they are patriots to only one thing – profit.

But you claim that they have placed so much into the city proper. I suppose you should know, having been an accountant. Let us look into what holdings have benefited from the involvement of Delronge as ‘small local-businesses’ – Whorehouses, fighting pits, and things that could hardly be considered more than Debtors prisons have sprung up. Of course the Baroness claims no involvement – but follow the trail, follow the money, and you will find the distinct footprints and sulfuric bile of the Delronge throughout. I thought that was what an accountant did….perhaps you forgot that your job is to follow the payment.

You say the people are not exploited, but what of those that have died in the various mines and saltworks that they were sent to for their debts? Simply because you have one success story in Sonarra Vodun does not mean that you are in the right. Vodun had a talent that was seen and raised, but what was given to her in exchange for her success? A restoration of the family name to minor nobility – because it serves the Delronge. Who makes the profit from her performances? What house draws in the money? Let us look at some of the others that you know signed those contracts. Some of them that you know personally. Or should we not delve into the contracts of those who you take advantage of, Fleming? I will let you choose to proceed on this point.

The words and deeds of Delronge show only a blind loyalty to Chelish rule and to profit itself. Vodun would never have been made nobility without a talent to be extorted – and that is the legacy of Delronge. The legacy of extortion and blatant violation. You call my recognition of Kintargo into question solely because I immigrated? I have walked these streets daily, lived among these people. I am known to the common man and the nobles, and I have been at the front of my cities protest against Thrune. You want to speak of actions taken daily? I’ve enclosed a box of my writings so that you may review how I have spent my years in Kintargo – you might recognize some of my plays, although I doubt you were able to get seats for them.

I know that these were not your words or your writings – I could tell since they were organized and legible. You haven’t written anything worth the paper it was printed on. I saw The Lady’s Passion personally, and despite being the only person sitting in the theater box, it still could not hold my interest. I collected your previous writings to burn for heat, but there was no fire within any of them.

If you have the spark within you to continue, you know how to reach me. I will be in Kintargo, among the common man, living the life of a true patriot – one who is unwilling to turn a blind eye simply because they were paid.

Next time, use your own words, or send a better representative.

Aldo Mondragon.

Corthos handed it to Lena with a grin, watching as she went over it. He spoke with a light nod as he poked through the information. “Get it spread out. They’ll have their answer within a day. And, um….don’t let Rexus have a copy. Keep an eye out for the response.” Lena nodded, grinning. “Going for the throat? Seems a bit….indelicate.” Corthos shrugged. “I refuse to let my words die in my mouth. Now go….come see me when you’re done. I have other favors.”

Of The Houses Ignoble

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