Melodia Scene

Charmaine -

We need to speak as soon as possible. New developments have occurred with regards to our mutual friend.

- Melodia

Melodia handed the note off to the butler but remained seated at her desk. She tapped rapidly against the wood with a fingernail, a nervous habit that she had never quite shaken. Seeing Corthos Mondragon in the Court of Coin – her domain – had put her on edge. He didn’t belong there. This hadn’t been in her plan.

Belcara Jarvis had been keeping secrets from her – unsurprising, since Belcara had hated her ever since they were girls. But Melodia could never have predicted that Belcara would have allied herself with seditious elements in order to get back at her. What did Belcara gain from joining with a rebellion? She had to know that the nobility, herself included, would be first against the wall if a real coup ever occurred.

Of course she had no concrete proof that Corthos was really part of the Silver Ravens, but Melodia’s intuition was rarely wrong. Everything about the boy screamed naive revolutionary, and “Aldo Mondragon” had all but admitted that he was involved in some way. Besides, what reason would Belcara have to offer him a position other than an organizational alliance? He no longer had money or status, Geoff Tanessen had seen to that. He was a passable delegate, but not spectacular – Eagon was good with contract language, but he had no real skill for oratory. Melodia hadn’t brought him expecting a debate.

Enough. Worrying about it would do her no good. Melodia always tried her best to look on the bright side of things. She still held a number of cards that she could put into play against Corthos, not the least of which was dear Charmaine. If she could keep their friendship quiet until such time as they needed to use Charmaine’s girl as a bargaining chip, she would hold leverage over the boy. He wouldn’t even see it coming, he was so caught up in his romantic fantasies about the girl.

Romantic. A smile grew on her lips, and she picked up a fresh piece of parchment and a quill. She had another bargaining chip she had nearly forgotten about – one that would certainly throw Corthos off his game. This day was already looking up.

My dearest Sonarra,

I hope Westcrown is treating you well! We are all so proud of your success – you truly honor House Delronge. I understand you will soon be singing Cordula in Scourge of the Ocean, and I have no doubt that you will bring the same brilliance and virtuosity to that role as you do to all the roles you portray.

I must admit, however, that I worry about your safety. With the so-called “Glorious Reclamation” so close to Westcrown, I would feel much better if you were safe at home in Kintargo. Would you consider returning once you have finished your Scourge of the Ocean engagement? We have a wonderful new lord-mayor who is dedicated to protecting our city from malign influences, and I know you would be much safer here. You would not even have to stop performing – the Kintargo Opera House is currently closed for performance, but there are many other venues in the city that would love to host a diva of such renown.

Please let me know as soon as possible what you decide. Delronge Manor is always open to you.

Your affectionate friend,
Melodia Delronge

Melodia Scene

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