In Defense of Delronge

“In Defense of Delronge”
By Fleming Sinclair

In recent days, some have taken it upon themselves to impugn the character of one of the noblest houses in Kintargo. House Delronge is of course too honorable to respond to this slander itself, but this humble writer considers it an injustice that such lies would go unchallenged. Though I have no personal connection to said house, I am Kintargo born and bred, and I have seen all my life how our city has benefited from the actions of the Delronge family.

Since arriving in this city shortly after the Chelish Civil War, House Delronge has loyally supported the Chelish Crown and its agents in Kintargo. Even with the unrest in recent days, Archbaroness Melodia Delronge has gone above and beyond to assist our new Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune and ensure that his transition to the leadership of this city goes smoothly. Any criticism of House Delronge’s association with the royal family smacks of treason, though I am sure no one would ever be so foolish as to make that assertion. Patriotism is one of the highest virtues to which one can aspire, and House Delronge possesses it in spades.

Although House Delronge is Chelish to the core, it is also Kintargan, and has committed much of its resources to ensuring the prosperity of this beautiful city. Archbaroness Delronge is known throughout Kintargo for investing money in small local businesses, helping to diversify our economy and making Kintargo a world-class city. The archbaroness retains no ownership stake in these enterprises – she is unconcerned with regaining her investment, as she has many other businesses from which she makes money (Gryphon Shipping, Hammer and Chisel Stoneworks, &c). She wishes only to ensure that Kintargo’s legacy is secure. Are these the actions of a woman who seeks to exploit the citizens of Kintargo?

The people that House Delronge has helped over the years certainly don’t seem to feel that they have been exploited. They are not enslaved or indebted in any way – they are simply loyal to the house that has helped them to succeed. For example, consider the case of Sonarra Vodun, whose virtuosic voice is now praised throughout Cheliax. When she started out at the Kintargo Opera House, she was just another member of the chorus until Archbaroness Delronge took her under her wing. Since her training, which was sponsored by House Delronge, Lady Vodun now draws crowds of thousands to the Westcrown Opera – even our beloved Queen Abrogail is supposedly a fan. Lady Vodun still counts Archbaroness Delronge as a close personal friend, strengthening Kintargo’s cultural ties to the rest of Cheliax.

House Delronge has proven its commitment to Kintargo and her people time and again, showing through words and deeds that they truly care about the history and the future of this city. Sadly, we cannot say the same for some others, though out of respect I will leave them nameless. However, I would question whether someone who has only recently immigrated to this city from the Storm Coast can truly understand the unique spirit of Kintargo. It is not flowery declarations or fiery words that show one’s true spirit – it is the actions one takes every day. In this regard, House Delronge has more than proved itself.

In Defense of Delronge

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