A Missive from Lord Mondragon 2

A Missive From Lord Mondragon

Where there is profit, there is corruption. And corruption is a song so ancient and well-known that we can all sing along without a second thought, particularly here in Kintargo. We can sit and blame the nobility, we can blame the Chelish rule, we can blame the Gods….yet the truth is simpler. Corruption became rampant when it was decided that a creatures life could be bought and sold and traded like any other commodity. And there is no house in Kintargo that does this more often, or with less caution, than House Delronge. Tell me, Kintargo, when did you decide to accept that your daughters could be bought and sold like so many pieces of meat at a market? Certainly, some of you had family members that were brought into the houses and trained – artisans, singers, warriors, creators – but how many have been sold for lesser deeds?

And this is not a missive against the selling of ones body, if that is a choice – after all, a sellsword and a prostitute both sell the body that they were given. If they make that choice, it is what they make of it. But this IS a missive against the houses that lie in wait and see us as nothing more than pawns at best. Kintargo, you are not the tiny cog in a grand machine – but to the nobility of House Delronge, you are. You are simply commerce, moving products from point to point, unaware that you are also a product. So perhaps this is where we must make our first stand against the status quo. If we refuse to be bought out, to be traded and sold, perhaps the nobility will have to listen. I have spent my time in Kintargo speaking to the common man and woman, hearing of the pains of loved ones being sold into field work or combat service or houses of ill repute.

And they always say that it is simply the only solution that they know. The only solution that they saw. That a representative from Delronge came and offered to pay off debts in exchange for a lifetime of service. Well, where I journeyed from, they knew of only one creature that waited to prey upon people at the most weak moment….the Glabrezu, the demon of lies and trickery. But in Kintargo, the Glabrezu does not stand tall and horned. Here, it wears the gold and white of House Delronge, and it speaks in a voice gilded by lies, tempting and tricking those in a poor situation into a lifetime contract that they will always add to.

Beware of the beasts that wait to prey on you, Kintargo. The beasts within the city walls are at least as vile as the ones outside, and twice as deceptive. Surely you have heard the rumors – as I have – that some of you have taken up arms and started to fight for what you believe. I can only hope that more may follow the example of those that have chased out the mercenaries at the Salt, and have stopped the vile acts of the Chelish Citizens Brigade.

The city is yours, Kintargo – all you must do is reach out and take it.

Beware the wolves in all of their disguises.

Aldo Mondragon

A Missive from Lord Mondragon 2

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