Tessa Rycroft

The leader of the Silver Ravens' merchants.


Tessa Rycroft was born and raised in Old Kintargo, but she carries herself with a grace and elegance that is not often found in that neighborhood. Her parents owned a small bookstore called Rycroft Books, and from an early age it was expected that their only daughter would follow in their footsteps. Tessa is a savvy businesswoman, and she has ambitions of greater things than simply being a bookseller – Tessa envisions the future with herself as a titan of trade in Kintargo and parts beyond.

Despite her focus on business, she is very aware of the current political situation in Kintargo, and dislikes the restrictions that have been made on trade (what kind of madman outlaws mint?). She was approached by her friend Jules Vaux to become involved with the Silver Ravens – Jules and Tessa worked together several times on mutually beneficial schemes, and Jules knew that the Ravens could use someone like Tessa.

Tessa Rycroft

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