Setrona Sabinus

The owner of the Tooth and Nail tavern.


Setrona Sabinus is a fixture of Old Kintargo—a woman of small stature with a larger-than-life personality in the old Kintargan neighborhood. As the proprietor of one of Old Kintargo’s oldest taverns, the Tooth and Nail, Setrona knows and is known by a diverse array of citizens, and her reputation as something of an upstart and a critic of the government is well established. This tendency has long been a cause of friction with her only living relative, Lictor Octavio Sabinus.

Setrona is short for a human, and has a habit of making up for her height with a bombastic (some would say shameless) way of speaking. She’s often called “Countess” by denizens of the district, a wry yet affectionate reference to her family’s long-lost noble roots.

Setrona Sabinus

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