Sendi Vashnarstill

Baron of Anchor's End.


Sendi Vashnarstill is the head of House Vashnarstill, a noble house known for its interest in Arcadian trade, fishing, and shipbuilding. Sendi is known to be somewhat sleazy, though he doesn’t back it up with any sort of competence in business. Many in Kintargo hope that he will soon pass on his title to his daughter Sedranni and retire to pursue his personal interests, namely drinking and whoring.

The baron of Anchor’s End is unique in Kintargo, for his barony is a colony located on the distant shores of Arcadia. For many generations, the Vashnarstills have been the controlling family of Anchor’s End, but not long before the recent unrest, House Thrune canceled its contracts as importers of goods from that distant port. This has thrown the Vashnarstills into a mild panic—for now, they have retained their family’s noble title, but many worry that it’s only a matter of time before House Thrune finds a way to take that away as well.

Sendi Vashnarstill

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