Primrose Brownlock

Merry's twin sister.


Primrose Brownlock spent her earliest years in the Redroof district of Kintargo, the daughter of Chelish naval lieutenant Benjamin Brownlock and Lastriel, a beautiful elven woman Benjamin had fallen in love with in Varisia and brought back home to Kintargo. Rose and her twin sister Merrigold, or “Merry” for short, had happy childhoods learning of their mother’s people and exploring the city where their father had grown up. When the girls were eight, however, it all came crashing down – Lastriel died of a swift illness, and only a month later it was reported that Benjamin’s ship had been lost in a storm. Merry and Rose were taken in by their only known relative, their father’s sister Chastity. She was a neglectful guardian at best, often leaving for days at a time to drink and gamble her way through Old Kintargo, and treating the girls cruelly on the rare occasions that she was home.

As the twins grew up, it became clear to Rose that she was not destined for a life of Old Kintargo poverty. She had always shown an aptitude for history and learning, and she devoted herself to her studies in hopes that she would be accepted to Lady Docur’s, or even the Alabaster Academy. No such invitation came, however, and though Merry tried to raise her sister’s spirits, Rose grew bitter and resentful.

When the girls were nineteen, Chastity finally succumbed to her vices. Her body was barely in the ground when creditors from all over the city swooped down on her nieces, demanding payment of Chastity’s debts. The girls had inherited nothing from their parents or their aunt and were essentially penniless. The twins had almost lost hope when Merry was approached by Madame Charmaine of the Crooked Lion, who had become aware of the sisters’ situation and wished to help. Charmaine would be happy to pay off the debt immediately and allow Merry to work it off at the Lion. Despite Rose’s vehement disapproval, Merry signed the contract, and after an explosive fight between the two sisters Rose was on the next ship out of Kintargo.

In the years since then, Rose wandered Golarion, eventually ending up at the Pathfinder Society’s Grand Lodge in Absalom, where she was accepted as an initiate. She became a full Pathfinder nearly a year ago, and enjoys her job immensely.

Primrose Brownlock

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