Octavio Sabinus

The lictor of the Hellknight Order of the Torrent.


As a young man, Octavio Sabinus briefly considered leaving Kintargo and the only ties to his family: his cousin, Setrona, whose rebellious attitude he finds frustrating, and his late mother’s mithral short sword. In the end, duty and loyalty to his hometown kept him rooted in place. After flirting briefly with a career in Kintargo’s dottari, a position he lost interest in after realizing how loosely Kintargo played with the law, he opted for a much more impressive goal: attaining the rank of Hellknight in the Order of the Torrent.

Octavio rose quickly to the rank of Hellknight in the order, despite the burning animosity of then lictor Arcamo Hyrmagus. Further complicating the relationship was an old rivalry between the Sabinus and Hyrmagus families—an antagonism that played a primary role in preventing either clan from ascending to a more prestigious spot among Kintargo’s great noble families. Lictor Arcamo taunted the eager Octavio and saddled him with humiliating tasks. The indefatigable younger man executed these missions efficiently and without complaint until Hyrmagus finally died at the age of 77 and Octavio was made lictor. For the next 7 years, Lictor Sabinus demonstrated admirable skill at sizing up people, recognizing their strengths and limitations, and keeping the order from dwindling.

Of course, not everyone appreciated the new lictor’s leadership. He’s endured at least a half dozen attempts on his life as well as countless unsuccessful efforts to frame him for crimes or injure his esteem in the eyes of Lord-Mayor Bainilus. Lictor Sabinus remained ever-vigilant and endured these disorganized attempts to assassinate or discredit him—until the Night of Ashes.

At first, Lictor Sabinus submitted to Barzillai’s rule despite his suspicions about Lord-Mayor Bainilus’s disappearance and the true cause of the fires on the Night of Ashes. But when Barzillai Thrune brought in the Order of the Rack, Lictor Sabinus saw the proverbial writing on the wall. He managed to get most of his people out of the city on missions before Thrune struck against Citadel Vaull, but was unable to protect the order’s armigers. When Barzillai’s forces seized them and the citadel, Lictor Sabinus made the hardest choice of his life—rather than stay behind and sacrifice himself as a martyr or become merely another prisoner, he abandoned his post and went into hiding in the Shrine of Saint Senex.

Octavio Sabinus

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