Merry Mondragon

A former courtesan, and Corthos' wife.


Merrigold Brownlock spent her earliest years in the Redroof district of Kintargo, the daughter of Chelish naval lieutenant Benjamin Brownlock and Lastriel, a beautiful elven woman Benjamin had fallen in love with in Varisia and brought back home to Kintargo. Merry and her twin sister Primrose, or “Rose” for short, had happy childhoods learning of their mother’s people and exploring the city where their father had grown up. When the girls were eight, however, it all came crashing down – Lastriel died of a swift illness, and only a month later it was reported that Benjamin’s ship had been lost in a storm. Merry and Rose were taken in by their only known relative, their father’s sister Chastity. She was a neglectful guardian at best, often leaving for days at a time to drink and gamble her way through Old Kintargo, and treating the girls cruelly on the rare occasions that she was home.

As she grew up, it became clear that Merry was stunningly beautiful, having inherited her mother’s elven features. However, years of being reduced to her physical appearance by those around her left her with little self-confidence about anything but her beauty, although Rose tried her best to reassure her. Rose had always taken an interest in scholarly pursuits, and she tried to encourage her sister to exercise her mind, but the initial struggle to learn something new led Merry to believe that she couldn’t do it.

When the girls were nineteen, Chastity finally succumbed to her vices. Her body was barely in the ground when creditors from all over the city swooped down on her nieces, demanding payment of Chastity’s debts. The girls had inherited nothing from their parents or their aunt and were essentially penniless. Merry had almost lost hope when she was approached by Madame Charmaine of the Crooked Lion, who had become aware of the sisters’ situation and wished to help. Charmaine would be happy to pay off the debt immediately and allow Merry to work it off at the Lion. Over Rose’s vehement disapproval, Merry signed the contract – it was the only way she saw of saving the only family she had left.

Under the name of “Golden Mary,” Merry is now one of the Lion’s most popular courtesans. She occasionally asks Charmaine about her debt, but it always seems like it’s gotten larger, so she’s kind of stopped asking. It’s not a terrible job – she tends to attract a higher class of clientele, so she doesn’t have to deal with some of the louts that the other girls occasionally get. Still, though, she doesn’t exactly relish it…except when Corthos comes by. He’s strange, and Merry still doesn’t understand why he doesn’t touch her, but she doesn’t really mind it. He treats her like a person instead of just a lovely object – the more time she spends around Corthos, the more Merry begins to believe that she can be something more than just beautiful.

Since the buyout of her contract, Merry has adopted the name of Maisie Menard and is living in the Villegre district of Kintargo. She works as a seamstress for Anton Clothiers, making expensive dresses for noblewomen. She and Corthos have recently become engaged gotten married, while on a trip to Vyre.

Merry Mondragon

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