Lena Farrowfall

The leader of the Silver Ravens' rumormongers.


Born to an elven father and a human mother who owned the small Farrowfall Grocery in Jarvis End, from a young age it was clear that Lena’s brilliant mind and keen observational eye were meant for something more than just inheriting her family’s business. Her parents wanted to give her the best education possible, so they scrimped and saved until they had enough to send her to Lady Docur’s School for Girls. Lena has excelled in her studies, and Lady Mialari Docur has even chosen her as one of her personal pupils.

After the Night of Ashes, Lady Docur forbade her students from taking political sides, but Lena knew she couldn’t just sit idly by as Barzillai Thrune crushed the life out of Kintargo. It didn’t take long for her to deduce (from clues that would have seemed innocuous to anyone else) that Laria Longroad, owner of the Long Roads Coffeehouse where Lena and her friends spent much of their spare time, was involved in some kind of subversive activity. When Lena approached Laria and said she and her friends wanted in, they were brought into the fold and put in charge of spreading rumors to promote the Silver Ravens and undermine Thrune. Lena finds the secrecy thrilling, and she relishes being able to use her talents to help her city.

Lena Farrowfall

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