Laria Longroad

The proprietress of the Long Roads Coffeehouse.


Laria deflects any questions about her origins, preferring to turn the question around on the inquirer. For many years, she has worked with the Bellflower Network, bribing officials, ferrying slaves and fugitives out of Cheliax and Nidal and into distant Varisia, and forging paperwork. While she worked as a tiller many years ago—leading escapees through the darkness and protecting them from predators and bounty hunters alike—her new life keeps her away from dark fields and slavering beasts. The charming baker coordinates with dozens of other figures in Kintargo’s underworld—from smugglers and cutthroats to self- appointed freedom fighters—and makes sure anyone working to undermine imperial influence in Kintargo can find the necessary resources.

Like most of Kintargo’s nonconformists, Laria’s spent the past several days keeping her head down. But with each day that passes, she grows more and more convinced that something needs to be done to save her beloved city.

Laria Longroad

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