Jules Vaux

The leader of the Silver Ravens' spies.


Jules’ stories about his past tend to change depending on who he’s talking to, but by piecing together his tales one can start to put together a picture of the reality. He was born and raised on the edge of the Ravounel Forest, the son of a farmer’s daughter and an elven adventurer who once passed through the area. Jules has never met his father and knows little about him, though he is willing to make up stories about him for anyone who asks.

Jules spent his childhood exploring the outskirts of the vast forest, honing his natural talents for hunting and tracking. He always dreamed of more, though, and as a young man Jules left the farm he’d been raised on for the bright lights of Kintargo, where he soon made a name for himself as a smuggler and spy. He has become something of a fixture in the city’s underworld – pretty much everyone knows Jules. After Barzillai Thrune‘s institution of martial law, Jules knew that he couldn’t just stand by and watch as Kintargo’s spirit was slowly suffocated. He contacted his old friend Laria, who had occasionally roped him into helping Bellflower missions and who would certainly be involved with any rebellion.

Jules Vaux

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