Isabelle Quint

The leader of the Silver Ravens' freedom fighters.


Isabelle was born and raised in the Yolubilis Harbor area, and she knows her city better than almost anyone. While her parents worked on the docks, young Isabelle explored the streets of Kintargo with her friends, learning everything they could about its back alleys, its rooftops, and especially the people that gave the city its soul. When she began to show magical talent, her parents couldn’t afford to send her to school, but Isabelle wasn’t worried—she knew plenty of people throughout the city who could teach her.

When Barzillai Thrune took power, Isabelle didn’t hesitate to make her thoughts known. She was right in front at the Aria Park protest, and when the riot broke out she managed to take down three members of the Chelish Citizens’ Group before she was forced to run. She and her friends have been looking for a way to fight back ever since, and when she heard that a boy from the River Talons had been talking about the Silver Ravens she sought him out at once. Being a freedom fighter for the Ravens gives her the opportunity to do her two favorite things: help the people of the city she adores, and throw fireballs at fascist thugs.

Isabelle Quint

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