Hetamon Haace

The proprietor of the Devil's Threads tailor shop.


Hetamon Haace beat the odds against myriad disadvantages stacked against him. Born of the union of a Kintargo peasant and a half-succubus, Hetamon shouldn’t have had much of a chance in Chelish society, especially considering the nation’s contempt for tieflings. Now nearly 30, he lives a double life as a tailor in Redroof, respected despite his heritage, and as the leader of Kintargo’s followers of Milani, the goddess of hope, devotion, and uprisings.

Hetamon’s father, Hetawell, was a tailor who struggled to make ends meet in Redroof while striving to live as an honest man. One evening, a beautiful woman named Natsiel seduced him, and he fell into despair when she abandoned him. That despair only deepened when she returned a week later to reveal her true nature—she was a half-succubus, and by using magical elixirs, had quickened the gestation of their child. She left Hetawell with that baby, a squealing tiefling whose demonic ancestry was more than apparent in his horns, eyes, and skin.

Natsiel vanished again, thinking what a great joke it would be to witness the disaster this responsibility would have on the man. She hoped that the shame of a tiefling child would be too much for him to bear—that he would fall into sin and fuel the Abyssal machine upon his death, and that the trauma would send the child’s soul to follow his father’s. Instead, the son and father were harmoniously devoted to one another, even after Hetawell began to succumb to a mysterious disease that left him crippled and shattered.

Young Hetamon rose to the challenge. He watched after and supported his ruined father with a tenderness that echoed the deep bond of love between the two. He devoted himself to the role of healer, and by the time he turned 14, Hetamon was running his father’s tailor shop and helping out his neighbors when they needed aid with bruises, broken bones, burns, and other ailments they couldn’t afford to treat at a church. Although they were initially skeptical that a tiefling could be truly altruistic, Hetamon’s gentle demeanor and healing skills quickly endeared him to his neighbors, whose suspicion gave way to genuine affection for the boy.

As a teenager, Hetamon became devoted to the goddess Milani, finding one of the few clerics of the underground faith to instruct him in the ways of her priesthood. Over time, the tiefling established a small, hidden place of worship in his shop, where he conducted clandestine services for devotees of the Everbloom. His congregation has grown modestly over the past four years and now includes several prominent citizens of Old Kintargo, most of whom don’t know each other but know of the cult’s overall presence and influence in the city. Hetamon has great empathy for the cause of the Silver Ravens, as their aims are consistent with his own philosophy and religious faith.

Hetamon Haace

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