Guinevere Thrune

Corthos' younger sister.


Guinevere, or Gwen, is the youngest child of Alphonse and Ella Tanessen and the younger sister of Corthos. She is a kind and intelligent young woman, which made it all the more tragic when her family decided to marry her off to Alasdair Thrune in an attempt to curry favor with his cousin Queen Abrogail. To her credit, Gwen has tried to make the most of her marriage and fit in with the Thrunes. It’s been pretty difficult, though she tries to keep cheerful about it, especially when Corthos makes snide remarks about her husband. Which is often.

Gwen has recently made a huge mistake by cheating on her husband with Rexus, who has been in love with her for years. Alasdair just found out.

Guinevere Thrune

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