Cassius Sargaeta

A captain in the Chelish Navy.


In his youth, Cassius Sargaeta never imagined himself as a captain in Her Infernal Majestrix’s fleet; in fact, he never thought he’d ever return to Cheliax at all. When he was a child, he and his diplomat parents were sent to Eleder in Sargava to represent House Thrune’s interests. Shortly thereafter, Cassius ran away from home in a bid for attention. The effort failed spectacularly, though, when his neglectful parents seized the opportunity to abandon him for good. Thus, Cassius grew up on the streets of Eleder. He got involved in smuggling and would have excelled at the profession had he not publicly denounced a partner who betrayed him and, in the process, revealed his own illegal activities. Faced with the prospect of imprisonment, Cassius fled Sargava for the Shackles.

Over the next several years, Cassius served on no fewer than a dozen pirate ships, moving from one crew to the next on a whim. When his twelfth and final voyage ended with his ship sinking and his capture by the Chelish pirate hunter Hell’s Maiden, Cassius was swift to volunteer all he knew about ship routes and movements through the Shackles. He was brought back to Cheliax to testify, only to have a Riddleport pirate ship sink his captors’ vessel just off the Chelish coast. Cassius made it to shore safely and managed over the next few years to reintegrate himself into Chelish society. When he finally applied for a position in Her Infernal Majestrix’s navy, his skills served him quite well. Before long, he’d been awarded command of his own ship, the Scourge of Belial.

Today, Captain Cassius Sargaeta has served in the Chelish navy for several years. He has managed to accumulate a loyal and devoted crew, including his first mate, a half-elven gunslinger from Katapesh named Adria Nones. Yet the longer Cassius serves under Thrune’s command, the more he grows to loathe it, seeing the noble house as nothing more than the misguided slaves of Hell.

Recently, the subversive and beautiful verses of a mysterious poet in Kintargo who writes under the nom de plume of “the Poison Pen” have enthralled Cassius. Increasingly taken by this enigmatic stranger’s words, Cassius began visiting Kintargo often, and with the aid of his first mate finally managed to identify the poet as a scion of one of Kintargo’s older noble families and arrange a meeting. Much to Cassius’ delight, the actual Poison Pen, Marquel Aulorian, was quick to reciprocate Cassius’s attraction, and the two became clandestine lovers. Cassius has since made Kintargo a favored port of call. However, upon his most recent arrival at the city after an extended pirate-hunting mission in the Shackles, he was distraught to find Barzillai Thrune had placed the city under martial law. The new lord-mayor had issued proclamations that seemed almost custom-built to frustrate and undermine Cassius’s passion for Marquel and his poetry.

Cassius Sargaeta

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