Canton Jhaltero

Baron of Whiterock.


Canton Jhaltero is the head of House Jhaltero, a noble house known for its interest in information, silver, and stone quarries. Canton and his brothers and sisters grew up in the town of Whiterock, his family’s ancient holding, and he often misses the comforts of life in a smaller town. He understands, however, that maintaining a presence in Kintargo is important, and views this sacrifice as a necessary step to protect Jhaltero interests. Having his family around him makes it somewhat easier.

Whiterock is the first major settlement on the Yolubilis south of Kintargo—a settlement that made its mark (and earned its name) via the productive quarries of pale granite and marble located in the hills and dales west of the river. The Jhalteros have held a controlling interest in these quarries for generations, yet have traditionally dwelled in Kintargo and left the day-to-day management of their southern interests in the hands of loyal allies.

Canton Jhaltero

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