Belcara Jarvis

Baroness of Argo.


Belcara Jarvis is the head of House Jarvis, a kind and pleasant woman who is known for her interest in architecture and urban planning. Belcara spent much of her youth as an adventurer, but when her parents passed on, she reluctantly retired to take on the role of family matriarch. Over the past several years, though, she’s found that the life of urban comfort and politics appeals to her almost as much as the more palpable risks of raiding goblin lairs and fighting trolls. Belcara and her three siblings all remain unmarried despite being in their late thirties, which has led to some clandestine mockery from the other houses. Belcara and Melodia Delronge have had something of a rivalry since they were children.

The Barony of Argo consists of the entirety of Argo Isle, upon which southern Kintargo is located, and the Jarvis family has done more than any other over the years to ensure the stability of Kintargo itself. The district of Jarvis End is named for the family, and many of the city’s prominent buildings (including Castle Kintargo) were designed by Jarvis architects.

Belcara Jarvis

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