Alasdair Thrune

Guinevere's husband.


Although most members of House Thrune prefer to live in Egorian, Corentyn, and other “civilized” cities, the empire must be maintained even in distasteful places like Kintargo. Alasdair’s parents, Caius and Aspexia Thrune, were dispatched to the Silver City many years ago by the late Queen Carellia—some would say banished, but Caius and Aspexia have tried to look on the bright side (while secretly plotting every moment to try and get back in the good graces of Carellia or her successors). At least the Kintargo Opera House is a bastion of culture in the city.

Alasdair and his siblings were born and raised in Kintargo, and for the most part they consider it their home. They know that they are better than everyone else in the city by virtue of being Thrunes, but it’s not someone’s fault that they’re inferior. Like any Thrune, Alasdair harbors ambitions of moving up in his family, but he kind of hopes that a change in station will not result in his having to leave the city. He is excited that his distant cousin Barzillai has been appointed lord-mayor—perhaps that means that more members of the family will start to pay attention to Kintargo. He also hopes that he and Barzillai will become friends!

Though his marriage to Guinevere Tanessen was arranged by their families, it has been a relatively happy one, and Alasdair is very affectionate towards his wife. He doesn’t always appreciate Corthos’ jabs towards him, but he understands the instinct of an older brother to protect his younger sister.

Alasdair Thrune

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