Hell's Rebels

The Song of Angry Men

Things become more challenging.

Over the course of the week, Corthos had been quite busy as Aldo, and had set up both a meeting to secure the support of Baroness Belcara Jarvis and a duel with a hotheaded young noble named Fabian Vasari. He had requested that Maxwell serve as his second in the duel, and Max had scheduled a meeting with Fabian’s second, Hendrick Rodier, in order to discuss the terms of the engagement.

Before that meeting could take place, however, Rexus had some information for the group about the documents he had been translating about the original Silver Ravens, as well as a mysterious letter they had received from a person or group known as the “Rose of Kintargo”. Before they could finish their discussion, the Long Roads Coffeehouse was investigated by a patrol of dottari who had heard rumors of subversive activity. Corthos managed to convince him that he owned the coffeehouse, and out of respect of House Tanessen the dottari left. With that done, Max headed off to his meeting. Hendrick was not very bright, but Max managed to talk him into setting 10,500 gold as the price in the event of Fabian’s loss.

Corthos then took Lena and Rexus (Max decided not to come) to meet with Belcara Jarvis and her sister Livia. Belcara was a very kind and pleasant woman, and she offered the rebellion 5,000 gold and a cache of maps that would help the Ravens move more secretly about the city. Together, she and Aldo toasted the Accidental God. Once he was thoroughly drunk, Corthos tried to convince Rexus to loan him the remaining 1,500 gold he needed to pay off Merry‘s contract (not that he gave the reason), but Rexus refused to discuss the matter until his friend had sobered up the next morning. After some discussion and some questioning, Rexus eventually agreed to lend Corthos the money from the Ravens’ treasury.

The morning after, Corthos, Maxwell, and Lena headed off to the duel outside Kintargo city limits (but not before Maxwell secretly passed Rexus the letter with the details of the duel). Fabian was eager to fight, but the duel didn’t last long before he was actually wounded and yielded. Rexus showed up just after the end of the duel, and after sending Maxwell and Lena to the Crooked Lion with the rest of the money and a letter for Merry explaining his reasoning, he vowed to Rexus that the rebellion would have his full attention from then on.

He then headed to the Lion, not even deterred by the fact that Barzillai Thrune had issued a new proclamation outlawing Mondragon’s works, along with others. However, what he didn’t know (and indeed, what no one knew but Max, who had downed a potion of invisibility and snuck into the Lion) was that Madame Charmaine had destroyed Corthos’ letter and lied to Merry about why he had paid off her contract. Merry refused to speak to Corthos, but eventually yelled at him through the door, telling him that she didn’t appreciate being bought and sold by others like an object and that she didn’t want to see him.

Heartbroken but hiding it, Corthos turned his focus to building up the Ravens’ support, accompanying Max and Jules to investigate a series of murders in the tiefling slum known as the Devil’s Nursery. After some investigation, they determined that a group of fae known as “tooth fairies” had been killing the denizens of the Nursery and stealing their teeth. They managed to lure the fairies out and track them back to their den before killing them, discovering in the process the body of a tiefling child used as a sacrifice to summon the fairies. The grateful tieflings of the Nursery flocked to support the Ravens.

Corthos then published a final missive from Mondragon, revealing his true identity and renouncing House Tanessen, taking the new name of Corthos Mondragon. The dottari then returned to the Long Roads to arrest Corthos, but the Silver Ravens overcame them, then abandoning the coffeehouse as a hideout. Although she was sad to lose her livelihood, Laria had been somewhat prepared for this, and she asked for twenty-four hours to find the rebellion a new place to hide. Rexus then asked Corthos and Max to help him investigate the abandoned Hocum’s Fantasmagorium, suspecting that his mother might be alive and hiding in the Archivists’ old headquarters.

The group headed into the Fantasmagorium, fighting several monsters before discovering the secret entrance to the Archivists’ base. Upon descending there, they found a number of Asmodeans working on redacting and destroying the books that had been housed there, and they fought their way through until finally reaching Nox, Thrune’s regenerating lieutenant whom they had first seen at the Opera House protest. Despite the odds being stacked against them, they managed to wound Nox so much that she cast dimension door and fled. Although Rexus found no sign of his mother being alive, he did find soul tomes created from his parents’ memories.

Laria then rounded up the Ravens, having secured a hideout for them with her friend Setrona Sabinus at her tavern, the Tooth and Nail. Though the Ravens’ notoriety had risen significantly due to recent events, they still had many supporters, and they were even able to recruit a group of merchants led by Tessa Rycroft.



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