Hell's Rebels

Arise and Seize the Day

The rebellion grows.

As the rebellion began to gain a foothold in Kintargo, the Silver Ravens began to look for ways to build support. Corthos and Maxwell decided to keep an eye on Rinston “Clenchjaw” Jon, a tavern keeper who was rumored to be the target of excruciation for bending several of the proclamations. In disguise, they headed to Clenchjaw’s Tavern, where before too long four members of the Chelish Citizens’ Group showed up, ready to “doghouse” the tavern keeper. The Ravens helped Clenchjaw fight the thugs, and warned them that the Silver Ravens were protecting the city. They then investigated the ruins of the Victocora estate, but found little save a cache of spells and potions and a lot of dangerous pits.

Swearing Maxwell to secrecy, Corthos then brought him to the Crooked Lion to meet with Madame Charmaine and her right-hand girl Lisbeth. Corthos and Charmaine had been in correspondence over the course of the week, and in exchange for 500 gold Corthos had managed to talk the madame into a meeting to discuss the terms of Merry’s contract. Through negotiation, Corthos made a deal with Charmaine that if he paid her 15,500 gold within six months, Merry would be released from her contract. Although Maxwell questioned where he would come up with that much money, Corthos had confidence in himself.

The group then decided to investigate a group of mercenaries, led by Laria’s friend Forvian Crow, being held prisoner at the Sallix Salt Works. The guards were hired thugs and not actual dottari or government agents, so there would be less reprisal in the event of failure. Corthos and Maxwell decided to bring Isabelle along for this operation and give her a chance to throw a few fireballs at thugs. Disguised as fellow guards, they infiltrated the Salt Works and managed to get to where the mercenaries were being held before the boss of the guards, Kossrani, came out of the barracks where he had been sleeping. The group managed to kill Kossrani and allowed the other guards to flee into the night, increasing their notoriety a bit but attracting more supporters to their cause.

Finally, Maxwell and Corthos decided to investigate the mysterious gang known as the Red Jills, rivals of the River Talons. As Aldo, Corthos lured four Jills out by flaunting wealth, and after he and Maxwell delivered a sound beating to them, the girls told him where the gang’s hideout was. They followed the girls’ directions to an abandoned former orphanage in Temple Hill, and discovered that three Jills and their leader, a strix sorceress known as Scarplume (or “Not Jill”), were hiding out on the roof. Although they tried to resolve the situation non-lethally, Scarplume would not yield, and they were eventually forced to kill her.

Corthos had collected a great deal of treasure from the adventures, and not 48 hours after their deal was made he had delivered 3000 gold to Madame Charmaine as an initial payment on Merry’s debt. The party’s actions had helped bring many people to the Silver Ravens’ cause, and their supporters grew from 8 to 30. They even recruited a team of sneaks to acquire supplies for the Ravens, led by a half-elf named Jules Vaux.



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